3 Ways to Camouflage Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition, which is characterised by red patches on the skin and is commonly found in middle-aged women, but it can affect younger people too. Even though it tends to be more common in women the symptoms are often much worse in men. It may also cause flushing, usually in the centre of the face, and the development of bumps on the skin.

Fortunately, rosacea is not contagious and the skin is not infected. It is not painful and does not pose risks to your health but there are aesthetic implications, which can affect confidence and self-esteem. In these cases, people may look for ways to camouflage the red patches on the skin. For information about what may trigger the condition, select here.

Here are 3 helpful ways to camouflage rosacea:

1. Camouflage cream

Camouflage cream is recommended only for patients with very severe redness. These waterproof creams are designed to hide the redness of the skin and prevent others from noticing the condition.

These types of creams tend to be fairly thick and heavy and may actually worsen the symptoms. For this reason they are only recommended for some patients and on special occasions. The cream is designed to match the shade of the natural skin so that it blends in properly.

2.  Cosmetics

Redness and flushing are very common problems in rosacea sufferers. Fortunately, there are many cosmetics brands, which manufacture products that are specially designed to take redness out of the skin. Most have a green-coloured base, which helps to conceal and reduce the visibility of redness.

Ask a beauty or skincare expert for advice when choosing products and try to avoid heavy make-up and scented products, as these may further irritate the skin. Remember to prime your skin before applying foundation as this creates a barrier between your skin and the product, which helps to reduce the risk of irritation.

3.  Use the right tools

When applying foundation or concealer, use a make-up brush, rather than a sponge. Brushes are much easier to clean, which further reduces the risk of irritation. It is extremely important to keep your skin clean when you have rosacea.

Approach your doctor for tips about cleansing your skin and choosing the correct cosmetics and skincare products.

Rosacea is a common skin condition, which can have a real impact on your day to day life. Luckily, there are ways of managing the symptoms and methods of reducing the visibility of red patches and uneven, irritated skin. In some cases, trying to cover up rosacea may worsen the symptoms and so it is always best to ask a dermatologist for advice when purchasing these products.

There are other treatments available for rosacea including:

  • Laser therapy, which usually involves a series of treatment sessions
  • Medicated creams and antibiotics, which are designed to ease and relieve the symptoms.

If rosacea is affecting your self-confidence, speak to your GP as they will be able to help. Don’t suffer or shy away in silence!

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