Typical Causes of Hair Loss in Women

The cases of women suffering from hair loss are constantly increasing and causes of hair loss in women are dissimilar from men.

To acquire the appropriate treatment to hair loss, it is essential to know the different factors that can transform into the causes of hair loss in women. There are a variety of factors that can lead to hair loss among women and one case may not be the same for another.

This article will identify the most common causes of hair loss in women that can pave the way for the best hair loss solution.

The most generally known causes of hair loss in women are stress, genes, hormonal imbalance, interaction to certain medical procedures and illness. You body can show stress in many ways from growing acne to hair loss. This is especially true for active, busy women nowadays.

Studies have found out that stressed women have the propensity to suffer from hair fall that can worsen to hair loss. To deal with this, women should find time to relax like getting some therapeutic massages or by simply taking a walk.


Hair loss can also be caused by intake of birth control pills.

There are certain pills that contain some hormones that can trigger hormonal imbalance and will then lead to hair loss. There are also other medicines that include hair loss in their side effects and therefore they must be reviewed.

Treatments conducted on one’s hair is also one of the causes of hair loss in women. There are some hair treatments that will not just damage your crowning glory but can also lead to hair loss. Hence, it is highly advisable to refrain or minimize having these treatments or making sure that your salon only uses products that are not just safe but also mild for your beloved tresses.

Numerous women who are experiencing hair loss are those who have illness and are going through medical treatments. A good example would be cancer patients that are having chemotherapy and radiation. Lupus and thyroid problems are also medical conditions that can lead to hair loss in women.

There are more causes of hair loss in women and as stressed earlier, can vary from one woman to another. The good thing is that by identifying these common causes of hair loss in women, you can find the best ways to avoid and even treat hair loss.

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