The Basics of Hair Loss in Women

A lot of people believe that hair loss is a condition that can only affect men. However, women are also at risk to suffer from this condition as well. The truth is that in US alone, there are about 20 million women who are suffering from hair loss. And the number just keeps on increasing.

You see, there are many factors why women suffer from hair loss brought by natural causes and even due to the lifestyle of a woman. Likewise, we have to understand that hair loss in women is different from those affecting men. Hence it is not recommended to employ all hair loss treatments most especially those that are designed for men.
A clear difference of hair loss in women from men is that the former’s hair loss does not follow a particular pattern. Unlike men, women can lose the hair in their entire scalp. On the other hand, hair loss in men is characterized by a receding hairline with only a few parts in their scalp losing hair.
For causes of hair loss in women, the most common are those related to hormones as well as sickness. Women who are having birth control pills may experience hair loss because of excessive hormones that affect hair growth. There are also a few cases where women lose their hair subsequent to giving birth to child.
Some hair treatments that contain harsh ingredients as well as frequent hair dyeing can damage the hair that will lead to hair thinning or worse, hair loss in women. On the other hand, women suffering from certain illness like lupus or those undergoing chemotherapy will experience hair loss. Stress is also a factor in hair loss and there are numerous busy career women who undergo hair loss.
What can be done to treat hair loss in women After careful evaluation, women who are experiencing hair loss may select the best hair loss solution. Women can change their diet and lessen stress by relaxing and yoga to avoid losing hair. Massaging your scalp can also promote hair growth. Finally, the best way to avoid and manage hair loss in women is to seek immediate treatment while it is still not severe.

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