Picking The Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Hair loss in men have dissimilar causes, though according to Bernstein Medical, hair loss is typically a result of genetics. Just as there are dissimilar causes of hair loss in men, it also follows that there are a range of non-surgical hair loss treatments for men as well which includes low-level Laser Therapy, camouflage techniques, herbal hair loss treatments, and FDA approved medications.
Every hair loss treatment for men has its own benefits and downsides. Also, each hair loss treatment for men caters to certain lifestyles. And thus, it is best to compare and contrast each from the other to have a better perception on what is the best hair loss treatment for the man seeking remedy.

For FDA approved medications, it is affordable and they can be bought without prescriptions. If a man is in the young stages of hair loss, getting these medications can decrease the rate of their hair loss. It’s weakness though is that it only works after a very long time of about at least 6 months.
For herbal hair loss treatments, it is equally affordable as the FDA approved medications, and can be bought not just in drug stores but also in health and hygiene sections of groceries and department stores.  Its weakness is that it lacks support from scientific studies that show its effectiveness.
Low-level Laser Therapy is also known as the photo bio-therapy.
In this hair loss treatment for men, the laser lights encourage cell growth. The studies based on it prove that it is more effective on thinning areas compared to those that are bland. An advantage to this treatment would be the time frame of results; it reveals faster results than in medication treatment.

Also, it is a treatment that can be administered at the doctor’s office or the home version. Its weakness is that it is very expensive compared to FDA approved medications as well as herbal treatments.
A camouflage technique is the simplest means for hair loss treatment for men but it can also cost some money. Toupees, wigs, and hats are can be costly but they can also give you a new hairstyle depending on your moode. Constantly shaving the head is also another camouflage technique that is affordable and has no hassles on hair styles.

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