How to Choose the Best Ear Plugs

We all been in a situation where we are tired but some noise beyond our control makes it near impossible to sleep, be it a long bus, car or airplane trip. You may of thought of using ear plugs but the variety of choices available can make it hard to choose the best one for your particular needs. The following are the things you may want to consider when purchasing ear plugs.

Effectiveness – The most important factor is do they block sound? After all the most comfortable or durable pair you can find will be next to worthless if they are not actually useful. You should find a rating on the package listed as Noise Reduction Rating. This rating is a required by the Environmental Protection Agency. The higher the number the better as it blocks out more sound helping you drift off to sleep. Comfort – This metric can be accessed in two ways. One way is to search online beforehand and read reviews to get an idea of the comfort.

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