What Various Luminess Tan Reviews Say About Precision Airbrush Tanning

Tired of your pasty white skin?  Are you looking for a way to capture the golden bronze complexion the fashion magazine models are sporting these days?  With the technology of airbrush tanning at hand, having beautiful, radiant, and evenly tanned skin is now a possibility, may it be the summertime or not.

Based on our research, the majority of Luminess Tan reviews are saying that airbrush tanning is something to be embraced rather than feared and doubted.  As opposed to spray tanning that produces splotchy, unevenly tanned skin that sometimes comes out discolored, a tan produced by airbrush comes out looking natural and flawless.

Luminess Tan

The Hunt for the Best Tanning Solution in the Market

Tanning salons all over the country all promise the same thing: a long lasting, authentically golden-brown complexion that’s worth every penny you spend.  However, more often than not, as retold by some who have written a Luminess Tan review, to maintain their perfect dark skin and keep it “permanent”, regular tanners go back to their trusted salons frequently and they end up paying ten times more than the original price.

Anyone who’s looking for a better alternative will end up reading Luminess Tan reviews raving about how incredibly easy and economical their airbrush tanning system is compared to other tanning products and services.  Their do-it-yourself kit allows you to give yourself that golden glow within the privacy and convenience of your own home, minus the struggle of pricy and hard-to-control self-tanners.

A Good-Looking Hollywood Tan

A huge portion of the American population can be called Hollywood-crazy, and it can almost be proven by the number of people sporting the same outfits, the same wardrobe, even the same golden-brown skin most celebrities have.  That’s why some Luminess Tan reviews pay homage to the stars that have tried and tested the product.  According to John Eliotte, make-up artist for Desperate Housewives and a Luminess Air consultant, using airbrush make-up and foundation will yield optimal results that look smooth, natural and spotless, especially on high definition TV.  The idea that pros in the entertainment industry look up to the Luminess Tan airbrush system bodes well for future customers hoping for a product that will help them get their superstar-worthy appearance.

Celebrity or not, as mentioned by various Luminess Tan reviews available online, all it takes to achieve a perfect tan is 30 minutes—20 to 25 minutes to apply it evenly on the legs, arms, shoulders and chest, then another 5 minutes to allow for the airbrush tanning solution to dry.  Its ease of use is one of the main reasons why users prefer this product over others.

To summarize what most Luminess Tan reviews say about the product, this complete, precision airbrush tanning package is definitely worth trying.  Achieve that beautifully radiant, fresh-from-the-beach look right now!  Visit luminessspraytan.com and be your own superstar today.