Nail Care Tools You Should Have At Home

You can keep your nails clean and healthy not just by washing with soap and water. You’ll also need to use nail care tools and other products to maintain them. These tools will help you maintain beautiful nails for a long time – whether you’re a nail care professional or a regular person who knows how to take care of their own nails.

If you have been going to the salon to have your nails done, then you’ve seen these nail care tools first-hand. Professional salon staff may have more than a dozen tools and items in their manicure and pedicure kits in order to cater to their clients. And if you’re wondering if you can invest on them so you’ll have your own at home, then do so.

Having your own nail care tools at home is beneficial especially when you need to remove peeling nail polish, remove an aching ingrown and in cleaning up your nails. Since going to the salon regularly can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per year, many women have decided to invest in nail care tools.

Here are the basic nail care tools that you’ll need in taking care of your nails:

  • Cuticle clipper/cutter  – You use this in trimming out the dead skin from your cuticles.
  • Emery board/nail file and foot file – These files come in various sizes and grits. Just remember that the higher the grit, the finer the file and vice versa. To prevent any damage on the nails, it’s best that you use at least a 240-grit file for shaping the edges of your natural nails. Don’t use metal files as well because they might also cause damage. 3-way buffer files are advisable since they provide shine and finish to the nails.
  • Finger and foot bowls – These are used for soaking nails before and while cleaning your nails.
  • Finger stand – This is actually a resting stand that you can use during manicuring.
  • Nail brushes – You should get different sizes of brushes which are beneficial for cleaning up your nails. There are small horned, handled, round and bigger brushes that you can use when cleaning nails with warm water and soap.
  • Nail clipper/cutter – This is for trimming nails.
  • Orange stick or cuticle pusher – This tool is used to push the cuticle back and to gently clean the nail enamel. It is best to invest on stainless steel cuticle pusher because you can disinfect them after usage.
  • Towels – You may use different set of towels for nail care. You’ll need them for soaking excess water and cleaning dirt during nail cleaning. Also helps in cleaning your work area.
  • Consumables – You may add other nail care products in your kit such as cotton balls, nail polish, cuticle remover solution, nail polish thinner, nail polish remover and other nail care products.

Investing in nail care tools is a good idea. And you’ll surely need them for personal use and if you also want to save money, or if you’re planning to build a career in nail care.

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