Taking Care of Your Skin

Most of us have had to deal with acne at some point in our lives; whether it was through those horrible years of High School or later in life with adult acne, it’s something we’ve learned to cope with and, hopefully, treat. Treatment for acne can be varied and may often fluctuate between person and person; what works for one may not work for another, which is why there are so many skincare products out in the market for acne alone! Yet, in my time of learning to treat and deal with acne I’ve learned that poor skin health can be caused by poor health itself. Our skin is the largest organ and can be seen as a reflection of what may be going on internally – while this is not always so, I have used it as a metric of awareness for myself, especially for stress as my acne has often been related to it.

Since acne is so varied in what can antagonize it and spread it, there are plenty of different products to try. I went through dozens, literally, before I found a good equilibrium that seem to treat the different symptoms that come with it. Whether it’s redness, swelling or dry skin there is going to be a product for it all. While acne might be caused by a bacteria, it’s difficult to narrow it down and eliminate sources that could be the cause for its spread. One tip that I learned which has helped me quite a bit was to change my pillow cases every day – that way I would not be sleeping in the collected oil or bacteria from my face. I honestly believe that if more people would follow that one tip they could be rid of their acne troubles and finally have clear skin.

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