What Nail Care Vitamins Do You Need?

Taking care of your nails doesn’t stop at getting regular manicure or pedicure. If your body is deficient with a particular vitamin or mineral, it will be manifested at a certain point. Your nails are actually made of keratin – a form of protein that protects the fingertips, and provides texture, strength and color to your nails. Keeping these intact and to prevent other nail problems would definitely need nail care vitamins.

Nail care vitamins help prevent brittleness, appearance of ridges, discoloration and dryness. Your fingers would also need these vitamins to be simultaneously nourished with your nails. You can get the nail care vitamins that your body requires from the food you eat.

Make sure to include colorful veggies and fruits in your diet from this day on because they contain the best vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. Milk, eggs, fish, lean meats, and other protein-rich foods are good for boosting keratin to help keep your nails and hair healthy as well.

Below is a list of particular nail care vitamins and minerals that you may need.

  • Vitamin A – this helps moisturize and keep nails from becoming brittle; it also helps in boosting nail growth
  • Vtiamin B – helps prevent fragility and stops formation of ridges on the nails; also prevents fungal and bacterial infections
  • Vitamin C, folic acid, and protein – help prevent white bands and hangnails
  • Vitamin E – this improves nail texture and strength
  • Vitamin B7 – or biotin, is a nutrient that naturally occurs in the nails and hair; enough supplements of vitamin B7 helps improve the health of your hair and nails
  • Vitamin B12 – prevents nails from drying, curving and darkening
  • Vitamin K – is a necessary nutrient needed by the body since it prevents external and internal blood clots

Minerals that offer benefits and nutrients to your nails are zinc, selenium and copper. These minerals can help smoothen and improve the texture of your nails.

You may ask your doctor regarding supplements that can provide nail care vitamins aside from the usual nutrients that your body needs. You’ll find many options available, but it’s ideal to seek advice first so you won’t compensate your health and well-being.

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